A good story is wild and it is elusive. Here we chase story—coaxing it, wrestling it, and sometimes even seducing it into frame. We obsess over preparation so that everything else comes easier. Not easy, just easier. We master our tools so that their sensors become an extension of our senses. And we know that yelling “That’s a wrap!” is just another start.

30 years of Adrenaline Films

Our Culture

Adrenaline is a patchwork of wildly passionate people. If you're looking for the singular definition of an "Adrenaline creative", you won't find one. Here we simply partner with professionals who make great media — people who are skilled, spirited, and sometimes just a little bit weird. We're meticulous about getting it right, giving just that extra pinch of polish and a little drop of love. And we support each other. If you've ever watched an Adrenaline crew, you've watched a well-oiled symphony with a sense of humor. In our eyes, what's a travel job without an after-set adventure or a post brainstorm without the editor's dog?

Our Approach

Rather than simply reacting to challenges, we are proactive and begin with the end in mind. We approach new projects with well-developed creative and smart solutions, and we execute our unified vision from beginning to end. Of course, seldom does a production go off without a hitch. We are thoroughly prepared so that we can pivot when needed, lock in a new plan, and advance the project to completion. But our work wouldn't be anything without the connections we nurture. We connect with our partners, the viewer, and each other, striving as a whole to create emotive, engaging visual media.

Why We're Different

We elevate every step of video storytelling with tailor-made creative and productions. With a comprehensive understanding of what makes every element of production tick — and a diverse and growing network of creatives lending their expertise — Adrenaline can take a project from the earliest seed of an idea to the screen. We help agencies and producers bring their ideas to life by partnering in creative storytelling and providing budget transparency and producing impactful videos that tell stories in new and compelling ways. On the ground, we have the right technology, savvy crews, and the collaborative mindset necessary to help producers emotionally connect with their audience.

Adrenaline Team

Our Clients

Adrenaline is proud to have partnered with a diverse portfolio of brands throughout our portfolio of work. Retail, non-profit, hospitality, medical, streaming and broadcast—you name the market, we’ve done the shoot. We’re excited to collaborate with our partners, listening to their needs, passions, and challenges to develop the best possible reflection of their story. Take a behind-the-scenes look at some of our favorite projects.